Get the Free Edition of Telligent Community

Get the Free Edition of Telligent Community

The Telligent Community Free Edition allows you to use the proven Telligent Community platform with all features, APIs, and integrations for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a support option available for the free version of Telligent Community?

Yes, we sell support for Telligent Community Free Edition for $250/mo. Drop us a note at or fill out the information above and we'll follow-up with more details. You can also ask questions or search our support community.

How do I buy a commercial version of Telligent Community?

Well that is quite simple. Drop us a note at or fill out the this page and we'll follow-up.

How is Telligent Community deployed?

Telligent Community can be run on-premises or in the cloud and Telligent Community gives you 100% control of what your community looks like.

Telligent Community is a developer/designer friendly product with a well-documented set of RESTful APIs and numerous open source integration kits. Telligent Community is implemented and used by numerous agencies that deliver incredible communities for their customers.

Yes, basically it is awesome sauce for building customer communities. Be sure and check out our Resource Center for case studies, e-books and other great resources about Telligent Community.

What are the system requirements for running Telligent Community on premises?

Running Telligent Community can be as simple as running a single server to multiple clustered servers with dedicated task / job servers. It is designed as a service oriented architecture that can easily scale up and is built on Microsoft .NET technology, Microsoft IIS web server, Microsoft SQL database server, and Apache Solr search technology.

Please review the hardware and software system requirements for specific details.